quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2009


Queridas soroptimistas,

Recebi a carta da Jenifer Beles solicitando a designação de uma Observadora Silenciosa para a Reunião das Governadoras que reproduzo a seguir. Pedi à Rosa-Maria para me acompamhar.
Gostaria que fizessem um comentário acerca da minha decisão.
Um abraço,

To: Union Presidents

From: Jenifer Beles Copy: Board Members
Executive Officer, SI/E Headquarters Governors
E-mail: GM2009@soroptimisteurope.org

February 2009

Subject: Silent Observers at the 2009 Governors' Meeting, Amsterdam

Dear Union President,

In accordance with Article I, Section 1.c), you, as President of your Union, may attend the Governors' Meetings, in Amsterdam as consultant to your Governors while Deputy Governors may attend as observers.

Notwithstanding, President Mariet Verhoef-Cohen wishes to also extend an invitation for the 2009 Governors' Meeting to one Silent Observer from each Union. This Silent Observer does not replace the Deputy Governors who are by right allowed to attend the meeting. Nor can the Deputy Governors be replaced by other observers. It is well understood that the Federation cannot cover any of the expenditures involved and Silent Observers will have to cover their travel, hotel accommodation and meals.

Please be so kind as to inform me by March 6th 2009 at the very latest who, if anyone, will be attending as a Silent Observer from your Union so that we can send her the relevant forms for her registration. This deadline must be scrupulously observed as registration documents shall be sent immediately after. Please also communicate all personal data, i.e. full name, postal address, fax number and especially e-mail address, to allow us to get in touch with her.

Thanking you in advance for your kind co-operation.

Jenifer Beles

SI/E Congress 2009

Recebi informações do Secdretariado sobre a Congresso a realizar em Amsterdam com início em 9 de Julho. Ver www.soroptimistsgovforwater.nl.